AsiaTeX08 Photos by Kunggom
Conference Placard
Conference Poster
Conference Hall
Jin-Hwan Cho
from Korea
Q&A: Lemberg to Cho
Hassenpflug and Lemberg (1)
Hassenpflug and Lemberg (2)
Conference Secretary
Kihwang Lee
Nobuyuki Tsuchimura
from Japan
Jean-Michel Hufflen
from France
Program Committee
Dohyun Kim
Excursion: In the car (1)
Excursion: In the car (2)
Excursion: Lemberg (1)
Excursion: Lemberg (2)
Excursion: Inside the Royal Tomb
Excursion: Out of the Royal Tomb
Haruhiko Okumura
from Japan (1)
Haruhiko Okumura
from Japan (2)
Q&A: Lemberg to Okumura
Conference Designer
Juho Lee
Werner Lemberg
from Austria
Nightly Discussion
Cho introduces Han
Han The Thanh
from Vietnam
Czech Bible typeset by Han
Inside the Czech Bible typeset by Han
Audience and their notebooks
Yusuke Kuroki
from Japan
KTS Executives: Soojin Nam & Dohyun Kim
President of KTS
In-Sung Cho
Lunch after Conference
Cheongju National Museum
The Great Mentor: Song Siyeol
Jikji (Replica) Cheongju National Museum
Cheongju Early Printing Museum (Jikji)
The Last Supper